Insurance is an insurance or agreement between two parties, where one party is obliged to pay contributions/contributions/premiums.

10 Truly Bizarre Things Insurance Can Cover

When it comes to insurance, most people think about the basics – health, life, home, auto. Some people consider disability insurance as well. However, most people don’t think that they’ll need alien abduction insurance, and most men don’t think about getting paternity insurance. But these insurance policies are real. Here …

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10 Amazing Infographics to Help You Visualize Disasters

Disasters can be man-made or natural, but they all have causes. It can be difficult to understand how or why a disaster occurs, but infographics can be quite useful in visualizing what happens when disaster strikes. Here are 10 infographics that can help you learn more about disasters, and what …

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Five Travel Insurance Tips for International Travelers

Travel Insurance Tips – Employer-sponsored health insurance programs rarely cover medical care received in a foreign country, and many private health insurance plans (whether provided through employers or purchased individually) limit overseas coverage to emergencies — and it can be your responsibility to prove the emergency. Do you know the …

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