Best Homeowners Insurance Companies in NY : 4 Choices For You

Best Homeowners Insurance Companies in NY

best homeowners insurance companies in ny

When shopping for homeowners insurance in New York, there are many options. You can choose from Allstate, Nationwide, State Farm, or Chubb. These companies offer a range of coverage and optional add-ons. Consumers also prefer Allstate because of its high customer service ratings and A+ rating from AM Best.


The company offers a variety of home insurance policies that can be tailored to fit your specific needs. In fact, Allstate’s homeowners insurance offering ranked ninth among insurers in The Zebra’s Consumer Satisfaction Survey. Allstate also offers a robust mobile app and a personalized local agent consultation.

New York has some of the most expensive property in the world and requires insurance that meets the needs of the homeowners. As a result, the best homeowners insurance company should offer low prices, a variety of coverage options, and good customer service. The cost of homeowners insurance in New York City varies from year to year depending on location and value of property. For this reason, you should make your decision based on your personal needs.

In addition to a comprehensive suite of policies and services, Allstate offers a host of discounts to homeowners. These include an early signing discount and a discount for renewing your policy before its expiry. Allstate also offers a variety of educational resources and calculators to help you calculate your premium and get the best deal.

Allstate’s policies are very affordable compared to many other homeowners insurance companies in the New York market. Customers can take advantage of a variety of discount offers, including those that offer free educational resources for first-time homeowners. The company also offers discounts for homeowners who bundle their auto and home insurance. Furthermore, the company’s website is very user-friendly. By entering your zip code, homeowners can find quotes and find out what their coverage amounts are.

While New York City’s homes are generally valued higher than the rest of the state, some insurance providers will not cover higher-value homes. Therefore, it is important to create an inventory of your personal property before choosing an insurance policy. Allstate provides an online tool that makes it easy to create an inventory of your property and determine the coverage limits you need.

Both State Farm and Allstate have independent agents that can help you choose the best policy for your needs. It’s important to select an agent that you can trust and feel comfortable with. You can obtain an insurance quote online or over the phone in a few minutes. Once you have your quote, you can save it or discuss it with your insurance agent. Furthermore, there is no pressure from the agent to sell you a policy.


Nationwide is a good choice for homeowners in the northeast. The company offers a wide array of coverage options for a competitive price. Its average premium rate is below the New York state average. It also offers a variety of discounts and credits, such as for new homeowners and those who live in gated communities. However, the company could improve its digital service and add more variety of coverage.

One of the key features of a good home insurance company is its customer service. Nationwide has a better claims experience than the average insurance provider. They also offer more benefits, including better roof replacement add-on coverage, which pays for the cost of replacing a roof with a safer, stronger material. The company also offers many common coverages, such as replacement cost of contents, sewer or drain backup, and scheduled personal property, which protects your high-value possessions.

Nationwide offers homeowners insurance quotes online, which can be useful in identifying the best policy for your needs. In addition, you can find more information on the different types of coverage and limitations. For instance, the coverage you receive from Nationwide may depend on the state you live in. This is because the policy language may differ slightly from state to state. Also, there are some limitations and exclusions for certain policies. It is important to understand that each insurance policy has its own terms and conditions.

Nationwide offers a wide range of insurance coverage and discounts. It also offers discounts for senior citizens and at-home workers. While its average home insurance policy costs $1808, the company offers several options to suit every budget. It also offers green improvement reimbursement, which covers the cost of installing energy-efficient items in the home.

Nationwide is another top pick for homeowners insurance. They offer a variety of digital resources for customers and a large network of local agents across the country. These agents are available to answer questions and assist with any claims you may have. The company also offers discounts for newly-built homes and those who have not had any claims in the past five years.

State Farm

State Farm is one of the best homeowners insurance companies in the state of New York. It offers policies to cover your home, personal property, liability, and even nature-related events like flooding or earthquakes. You can also add on extra coverages for personal belongings, green improvements, and water backup. It also offers personal umbrella insurance. State Farm is the largest writer of homeowners insurance policies in the nation, and has an A++ financial strength rating. In addition, the company consistently scores above average in customer satisfaction surveys.

State Farm offers an HO-6 policy, which covers condos, apartments, and co-ops. This policy costs $299 a year and covers up to $60,000 of property. This is nearly $70 cheaper than the average cost of a HO-6 policy in New York.

Other notable features of State Farm homeowners insurance policies include extensive coverage, affordable premiums, and generous discounts. Plus, the company has a network of over 18,000 agents. State Farm also ranks high when it comes to customer service, and currently ranks fourth in an overall customer satisfaction survey. You can find a quote online, or speak with an agent in your area.

State Farm has the lowest homeowners insurance prices in New York. Its policies are also flexible and have many options for adding coverages and discounts. If you own a home worth $400K or less, State Farm has the lowest rates. Moreover, you can use State Farm’s online profile to see what other policyholders think about the company.

NYCM Insurance is another top option. The company has above-average customer service scores, and offers an affordable policy. Combined home and auto insurance policies can save you up to 25%. If you want even more savings, you can add an umbrella insurance policy. In addition, you can use the same insurer for both types of insurance.

Homeowners insurance premiums vary depending on several factors. The size of your home and the contents within it can affect the amount of coverage you need. A higher deductible can lower premiums. You can also get discounts if you install fire alarms or opt for paperless billing. In addition, homeowners insurance companies also offer multi-policy discounts, which help you save money while simplifying your policy management.


Chubb is one of the most respected and best-rated home insurance companies in the state, offering excellent service and customized coverage. For example, the company offers extended replacement cost coverage on its base policies. Chubb’s financial strength is outstanding, and it has over three thousand employees worldwide. The company had $41.2 billion in gross premiums written in 2020. The company is publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange and is a component of the S&P 500 Index.

Homeowners insurance premiums depend on a variety of factors, including the size of the house, the risk of a natural disaster, the amount of coverage needed, the deductible, the protective devices installed in the home, and the homeowner’s credit score. Some insurers also consider the homeowner’s claims history when setting premiums. Frequent claims can raise premiums, but homeowners with clean claims histories can benefit from special discounts.

Homeowners insurance rates vary widely from state to state. In New York, State Farm is the best option for those with large houses, while Chubb is the best choice for those with modest homes. While State Farm may be the cheapest option, Chubb’s service quality and claims service are among its best attributes.

Homeowners insurance in New York is expensive, and a top home insurer should provide a low cost, a variety of coverage options, and excellent customer service. The average cost for homeowners insurance in New York is $950, but the price you pay depends on where you live and what your house is worth. Choose a company based on your budget and your needs.

Lemonade Insurance is an innovative online-only home insurance company that uses artificial intelligence to provide homeowners insurance quotes within a few minutes. Lemonade makes home insurance claims easy with a claim button on its app. The company’s system also takes care of filing claims – all you have to do is submit the necessary information and the insurer will pay out in minutes.

In addition to hurricane and storm damage, New York homeowners also face a higher risk of tornadoes and floods. These types of events are extremely damaging and can damage homes and businesses. This is why it’s important to get insurance for these natural disasters. Chubb is one of the best homeowners insurance companies in New York and offers comprehensive coverage.

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