Parking Lot Safety

Most people think parking lots are generally safe areas. They are public and there is constant traffic in the parking lot. Yet, we often do not think of the risks in parking lots. Most drivers believe that once they get to their car, they are safe. However, many attackers hide near parked cars.  When finding a parking space, try not to park in a dark secluded area. If at all possible, do not walk by yourself in a parking lot especially at night. When leaving your place of business, mall or just entering a parking lot, if you feel unsafe, do not hesitate to ask someone, security, friend or co-worker to escort you to your car . The last thing you would want is to feel insecure walking through a parking lot.

Remember to drive safely in parking lots too! Fender benders can easily happen in parking lots. Always be conscious to look for yield signs, stop signs or even other drivers who are not paying attention to those signs. Don’t forget to watch out for other drivers cutting through parking lanes to find the quickest exit. Another thing to remember when driving in parking lots is to be mindful of wandering pedestrians. If there is high traffic, people tend to zip out in front of cars in order to rush to their own.

Parking lots are not always the safest places to drive. Always keep in mind to look out for pedestrians in a rush and cars that are driving recklessly. Be safe!

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